1. Edenfield

Last year a friend of mine told me about this place and I’ve been coming here ever since. You start the walk from the main road and climb your way up towards Darden Wood until you hear the waterfall. Simply follow the sound to find it. After that, you can continue to climb along the river or stick to the main path. If you don’t look for adventure and choose the latter it will be much easier as this footpath is well maintained. Either way, if you keep walking you’ll reach “High Scout Moor Reservoir” but the water area isn’t accessible to the public.

2. Clifton Country Park – Easiest way to access this location is via junction 16 of the M60 motorway. It’s a great walk around woodland, river, lakes with wooden sculptures trail with full-size Gruffalo. It is also a place of industrial heritage where we can find remains of old cold mine.

3. Healey Dell Nature Reserve – One of my favorite places to visit in Rochdale, especially during spring or autumn. For me, taking pictures of the waterfall is always the main focus when I get there.

4. Peel Tower – If you looking to get a good view of the Manchester skyline and you don’t mind bare looking Holocombie Hill this place is definitely worth checking out.

5. Derwent Reservoir – For those who are looking for a stroll around the reservoir and are willing to travel to the heart of Peak District I would highly recommend visiting Derwent Dam. Also, while you there you could also check out Lady Bower Reservoir as it’s very close and also a very beautiful area.

6. Philips Park, Prestwich – Located in North of Manchester in recently called one of the best places to live Prestwich area and for very good reason. This park is one of the largest, rich in wildlife with plenty of footpaths through the woodlands and grassland. The area also has many mountain bike routes if you’re into this sort of activities.

7. Dovestones – Eventhough this place gets very busy, especially weekends I still love to going back there. It’s very easy to access via Greenfield village and it offers plenty of hiking trails with stunning views aross Peak District.

8. Naden Vallery – I first visited this place two years ago. This area’s natural beauty and incredible vistas always make me come back at least a few times a year.