Torside and Woodhead reservoir walk

It’s one of locations I meant to explore for some time but when I look online for inspiration most of photos where obstructed by ugly power lines so that always been putting me off. However after day of exploring I found few compositions.


Searching for vistas

I started new challenge for 2019; take as best as possible photo at least once per week. I realize it’s already 3rd week of January as I’m sharing this very first post but because of some unforeseen circumstances and horrible weather I was unable to succeed in capturing anything worth sharing in first 2 weeks. This year so far turns out to be quite unlucky as during this trip I drop my 70-200mm f4 lens breaking focus ring ūüôĀ

I went to Philips park witch is comfortably located in the area I live in to capture Manchester and Salford skyline. Result can be seen below.

Sunset at Heaton Park

After few gloomy weeks of cold and snow, finally first touch of spring came upon northern England. It was perfect moment for little cycling trip around Heaton Park. Armed with freshly purchased Capture Pro plate for easy camera access whilst cycling I was ready to go. I must say that in past 3 year I’ve visit this location many times however never shoot there at 200mm focal length. At this time of the year park don’t look quite as nice but it was going to be my challenge. Also this will be part of my side project I started for this year of photographing few of my favorite parks around Grater Manchester.

I met with my good friend Greg who also like cycling around however if anyone want to join for the shoot let me know in comments or email me.


When gloomy and rainy days arrives to Manchester. Time comes to revisit summer shots and perhaps fish out an image worth some attention. I've started my search from photos taken during hikes in Tatra Mountains. After short while I found candidate that had really boring, cloudless sky. Everything else about this shot was quite appealing so I had starting point into new composite. First move was to replace sky with better one from my stock collection that I intensely trying to build every time weather present a chance for it. Lighting, colours and tones on the foreground were very similar therefore I had easy job matching it with my new sky. While working on first photograph idea for second one was born. I end up with two completely new landscapes never seen before by anyone. Dreamlands created by photoshop and imagination.

Composites enables me to create anything I can dream of, giving me limitless possibility's to make something from nothing. Nowadays when I take photo I don't ask myself that it is... But what could it be.



Dalamere forest walk

Last weekend I went for a short walk in Dalamere Forest. I took many photos but mostly for my stock archives witch I may use for future composites.

Portugal - Algarve

Five days that I spend in Portugal was very intense therefore time went fast as thunder. We've rent a car and start exploring nearby towns, little villages and beaches. Here are some fruits of my photographic efforts.


































Werneth Low Country Park

So this is another episode from my lone cycling trip project. This time winds blow be to Hattersley train station from where I cycle my way to beautiful Werneh low country park. I was hoping for much better weather with some sun rails coming through thick clouds to lit city of Manchester and my quest was to capture it from distance with as much grace as technically possible. Plan was great, but light didn't bring me any sweet photo I was hoping for so I end up with those shots bellow;

Cycling trip

I love cycling. Especially around rocky terrain. Dove Stone reservoir area near Greenfield is perfect for it.  Despite a little bit windy and wet weather me and my good friend went to do make some miles around those stark but still beautiful hills. Unfortunately light wasn't very appealing for my photography, dark clouds present everywhere made everything look a bit gloomy...

5 days in Tatra mountains

Day1: The High and the Low Tatras, located in Central Europe, Poland/Slovakia offer some of the continent’s most stunning scenery. I went to polish part of it along with two friends. On our way we had visit Czorszytyn lake where we took a boat trip to see ruins a castle.


We also took a bit longer route in order to snap some nice vistas of Tatra mountains national park near Bukowina Tatrzanska.

After arriving to our destination and finding our accommodation we took short 30 min walk onto Gubalowka mountain (1,126 m) just to warm up our body for tomorrows much bigger challenges. This is very popular location since it's easily reachable by the ski lifts. 

Day2: We start our climb early in the morning on Malolaczniak peak (2096m) and then we continue our way to Kasprowy Wierch (1987m). Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish whole hike since  pain in my knee that I was recently struggling with became unbearable. No amount pain killers could relief me from suffering and I was forced to take cable railway back to the city of Zakopane.

After arriving to hotel I had plenty time left so went to watch sunset at nearby meadow..

 Day3: This day was kinda special for me because despite I've been in Tatra mountains few times in the past I never had chance to visit Valley of five lakes. I really enjoy that walk. Day was full of amazing views, waterfalls and interesting flora and fauna.

Day4: Unfortunately I was unable to hike that day. After making about 30 miles in last 3 days I overextend my knee too much. I woke with terrible pain. All I manage to do this day was short walk around Zakopane taking some street photos of local people. I also took a ride onto Gubalowka mountain.

Day5: Time of return to home... However we decided to wake early and to take short, 2h hike to Rusinowa meadow were we had chance to see beautiful vista of Tatra mountains.


Kinder Scout

I always loved hiking. Since my high school days I've been doing it quite frequently. This walk is probably most popular around Peak District area and it's for the reason. Weather wasn't ideal this time. Heavy fog and drizzle made taking photos difficult therefore for good chunk of this walk camera stood safe at my bag. Here I share few of them but unfortunately I'm not happy with any of them.