In this post I will list my favorite locations for creating Manchester cityscapes and night photographs. You can click at each location to see it on google maps.

  1. First street car park. It offers one of the best view points of the city from each sides. I recommend coming here with own vehicle since you can only enter by having a ticket.

2. MEN arena car park. Located near Victoria station. Very easy access. No one ever asked me to leave while I was shooting even though I usually have tripod with me and that seems to set people of. If you are into long exposure photography this location is quite nice as we have trams, trains and busy Cheetham Hill road in front of us leaving plenty light to capture.

3. Salford quays exchange car park. Recently discovered location perfect for capturing Manchester skyline. If you come after sunset you will be able to do some long exposure shots capturing light streaks left by passing trams. There is only one composition that really works at this spot since other side is obstructed by buildings.

4. River Irwell reflections. Perfect place for a walk or cycle from city centre to Salford Quays area. You can capture some amazing reflections along the river (if weather is still enough) together with light streaks.

5. New Bailey car park. This location will be very appealing to the eye once road works are done and construction sides are completed. It is very messy around there at the moment. What I like about this spot is curvy road ahead that creates nice composition especially if you are into long exposure photography as much as I am.

6. Shudehill car park. Maybe not the best views but I decide to include into my list anyway. Just across, there is another spot with few interesting photo opportunities displayed as example on second image.

7. Green Quarter top floor apartment building. Photos are taken through the glass window of 15th floor staircase. This location is recommended only for dedicated photographers since you need to be super sneaky to get inside.

Bonus location – Acort Court. This one offers best Manchester skyline I manage to find. Unfortunately it’s not possible to get there as building is well protected. I had privilege to take those photos from my fried apartment balcony.

If anyone know some good locations around Manchester please don’t hesitate to leave comment below.

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