Inside Out: This is Manchester exhibition

‘Inside Out: This is Manchester’ at Aviva Studios is a captivating exhibition featuring over 200 black and white portraits, celebrating Manchester’s diverse community spirit. As a photographer, my role was to capture the essence of the installation process, documenting how these portraits transformed the Undercroft into an immersive space. Local residents, from the youngest aged 5 to the oldest at 90, were the subjects of these portraits, all nominated by the community. This exhibition, part of a global art initiative, goes beyond showcasing art; it creates connections and vividly portrays the vibrant spirit of Manchester.

This project was not just about showcasing art; it was about community and connection. The individuals in these portraits were nominated by fellow residents, highlighting the communal bonds within the city. These photoshoots and engagement days provided an opportunity for these individuals to meet and forge lasting connections, further strengthening the community spirit.


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