Catmose College’s New Chapter – Completion

As Catmose College in Rutland embarked on its significant expansion project, my role was to capture the pivotal moments marking the completion of this transformative journey. My photographic portfolio focuses on the final stages of construction, showcasing the elegant architectural details that now define the campus.

A highlight of this project was the steel signing ceremony, a symbolic and celebratory milestone, where I captured the community’s pride and anticipation. These photographs not only depict the intricate steelwork – the skeleton of the new structures – but also the shared sense of accomplishment among students, staff, and builders.

This collection of completion photographs tells a story of culmination and renewal at Catmose College, reflecting the intricate blend of design, community spirit, and the educational mission that the new buildings embody. It’s a celebration of architectural beauty and a community stepping confidently into a promising future.

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