Fog. Atmospheric phenomenon of visible mass of water droplets or ice crystals suspended near the surface of the ground. Drivers hates it, pilots despised it and children’s are spooked by it. However, photographers loves it. And so do I. Therefore last evening when heavy fog descended upon city of Manchester and brought feeling of mystery to every street or alley around me I didn’t hesitate a moment and went out shooting. Even tough wandering around alone in night like it might feel little spooky sometimes but it always brings me plenty of joy. Especially when I end up with least one photograph that I really like. Last night I also had few ideas how I could creatively use my speedlights . I could light up trees or other objects in order to create unique moods. I’ll probably aim for Heaton Park since it’s one of my favoured places and I have never done night photoshoot at this location before. Looking forward to another day to feel like mistborne again.