After 2 weeks of photography hiatus I start to crave to get some work done, create at least one image that I’d be happy with.

I decide to photograph train station building witch I find interesting since it have nice curve and is known that human eyes likes curves and pasterns, we basically drown into them. Weather was nice today, fast moving clouds are big advantage with this kind of shots. However it took me long time to catch right moment with nice contrast within sky. I can’t say I’m fully satisfied with results I got since I was unable to use my tokina super wide angle lens because I haven’t got ND filter for it. I have used my 28-135 mm zoom lens that soon will have to be retired since its sharpness and overall image quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Also while I was shooting some annoying porter guy from train station came to me and asked me what I was doing, told me to stop. I had to explain him that I have right to photograph in public place like this but he stood there anyway staring at me from under his eyebrows. Strange… I’ve shaved yesterday so I shouldn’t look like terrorist 😉 [note_block align=”right”]I will make another version of this pictures with much wider angle once I get appropriate ND filter.[/note_block]