I always thought that street photography was nothing but randomly generated snapshots of passing people with occasional mixture of shadows and lights. Now I now how wrong I was. It not only takes quick thinking and fast reaction on ever moving city life but also focus and some bravery. You can’t simply seat in bushes wearing your best camouflage clothes waiting for a bird to get in front your lens. No offence to bird photographers but come on guys, it’s what you do or I’m missing something? For instance this guy. I understand commitment for the job etc but I’m not sure I get it entirely 😉

But lets get back to subject of this blog post. Since we’re talking about streets full of people who despite CCTV cameras pointing at them from every corner don’t necessarily appreciate my lens at them and believe me I know what I’m talking about… The other day this guy threatened to stick my telephoto in to my bum if I don’t imminently delete photo of him.

Street photography not only requires lots of focus, sense of composition, quick thinking/running but also courage and relentlessness. But enough writing with my broken English and lets take a look at my results.