Weldon Village Academy – Completion

This portfolio presents the Weldon Village Academy, a contemporary educational landmark in North Northamptonshire, captured through various moments of the day, including twilight imagery. Commissioned by BAM Construction, these images depict the £30 million project’s architectural magnificence and functionality. The school, serving over 1,500 students, becomes a canvas displaying the interplay of natural and artificial light.

The building’s unique design, including two teaching wings and sports facilities, is showcased in different lighting conditions. Daytime shots emphasize the vibrant, bustling atmosphere of the school, while the twilight photos provide a serene, almost ethereal perspective of the structure’s details and its integration with the natural surroundings.
This project aligns with North Northamptonshire Council’s commitment to providing sufficient school places and BAM’s reputation for delivering leading educational facilities with a focus on sustainability. Features like hybrid façade ventilation units, heat recovery systems, and low carbon technologies demonstrate this commitment.

The architectural design was led by BAM Design, part of BAM Construct UK, which managed the construction process. They worked closely with Mott MacDonald, who provided technical advisory and structural engineering services.

ClientBAM UK & IrelandYear2023ServicephotographyLinkwww.bam.co.uk

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