Timeless Elegance – Regent Street, London

As the photographer behind this project, I was privileged to capture the mesmerizing light art installation called ‘Timeless Elegance’ created by ACT Light Design, which adorned Regent Street during the festive season 2015 in central London. Drawing inspiration from the concept of ‘time’ as the epitome of true luxury, ACT Light Design brought to life their original artistic concept—a sculpture of time that showcased their creativity. Breaking new ground in London’s festive illuminations, they imagined a challenging lighting scheme that seamlessly blended custom video projections, dynamic pixels, shimmering light tinsels, and integrated LED screens. For the first time in London’s festive illuminations, they created a unique combination that brought the sculpture to life. With every passing hour, visitors were treated to an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights, meticulously designed by them.

Filming at a busy London street during the festive season was challenging due to the vibrant atmosphere and crowded surroundings. However, I overcame this by using a range of lenses from wide angle to 200 mm, resulting in photography results that I was truly pleased with.

ClientACTLD Year2015ServicePhotography and VideoLinkwww.actld.com

Timeless Elegance

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