Sky Studios in Elstree – Completion

It was an incredible privilege to be part of this project, providing me with a unique opportunity to photograph the extraordinary structures constructed by BAM. The facility comprises 12 meticulously designed sound stages, ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet. These remarkable studios boast meter-thick walls for exceptional acoustic insulation, a roof-level technical grid for versatile rigging, and an abundance of electrical sockets. Additionally, the site includes workshop buildings dedicated to set production and costumes, ensuring a comprehensive solution for feature film production. As part of the esteemed Comcast, Sky Studios produces films and box sets for streaming and offers space for other production companies. To capture diverse perspectives, I utilized a shift lens throughout both sessions. I employed a 70-200 lens, allowing for a range of images that showcase just a glimpse of what will be happening inside these with all excellent film productions.

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