Sheffield University completion

The Wave, also known as Faculty of Social Sciences, has been transformed into a cutting-edge facility built by BAM. In collaboration with HLM Architects, this construction company has created a unique learning environment for students. The building, now named The Wave, incorporates collaborative teaching and social spaces that greatly enhance the educational experience.

For the first time, The Wave brings together a wide range of disciplines under one roof, allowing students to explore diverse subjects within a unified setting. Integrating academic disciplines fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and a holistic approach to education.
Beyond its role as an educational facility, The Wave has also become a vibrant research hub. By combining various research centres, the building provides a space for interdisciplinary teams to address critical global challenges through collaborative research and innovation.
Sustainability has been at the core of The Wave’s design, thanks to the expertise of BAM and HLM Architects. The building incorporates eco-friendly elements and sustainable practices, reflecting a commitment to reducing its environmental impact while promoting a greener future.

ClientBAM UK & IrelandYear2023ServicePhotography & Video

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