Aviva Studios’ architectural project completion video

Early last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the “First Breath” installation, a creation by the distinguished visual artist Luke Jerram. This installation beautifully uses intense beams of light that pulse, symbolizing a baby’s inaugural breath. This moment was also a significant milestone in the construction phase, marking a fusion of art and architecture. One of the photographs I took during this time found its way into the recently published book, “Everything That Happened”. I’m genuinely humbled and grateful for this recognition, reminding me of the beauty in shared artistry. Later, when Factory International approached me to film an architectural video of a project designed by the brilliant architect Ellen van Loon from OMA, I was elated. Contributing to such a significant cultural piece of Manchester, especially one associated with Ellen’s innovative designs, was truly an honor. While my main task was to provide unedited footage for the skilled team at Aviva Studios, I felt inspired to craft a version of my own. Additionally, I captured several photos that I intend to feature in this portfolio piece.

ClientFactory InternationalYear2023ServiceVideographyLinkfactoryinternational.org

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