First Breath is a celebration of new life taking place in Greater Manchester from January 1-29, 2023. The installation, created by world-renowned visual artist Luke Jerram, features powerful beams of light that pulse to represent a baby’s first breath. The lights will be visible from the construction site of the new Factory International building and can be experienced up close by visitors. First Breath is open to anyone who wants to experience the light and welcome in the new year, with the installation serving as a message of hope for the future and a reminder of new possibilities.

So I couldn’t miss an opportunity to photograph the first test of the First Breath installation in Greater Manchester. Using a shift lens, I was able to capture the lights reaching up towards the sky. One of the shots, a shifted panorama, was especially noteworthy for its high resolution and wide scope, showing the full extent of the scene. As an added bonus, the moon and Jupiter were visible in the night sky, adding to the already beautiful composition.

I have lived in Manchester since 2006, and while I was initially disappointed with the city’s lack of impressive buildings, I am now thrilled to see the landscape developing and rising to meet my expectations. It is a pleasure to document this growth and to be a part of such a vibrant and dynamic city.