Werneth Low Country Park

So this is another episode from my lone cycling trip project. This time winds blow be to Hattersley train station from where I cycle my way to beautiful Werneh low country park. I was hoping for much better weather with some sun rails coming through thick clouds to lit city of Manchester and my quest was to capture it from distance with as much grace as technically possible. Plan was great, but light didn't bring me any sweet photo I was hoping for so I end up with those shots bellow;

imperial war museum

Imperial war museum in popular and very photogenic media city area in Manchester. As much as I enjoy photographing people I will always get back into taking those architectural long exposure images.

Urban composite

I've seen many photographers on various sites such as 500px or flickr crating composites like this so I decided to make my own.


Cloudless sky

My intend for this sunset was very different. I've planned to create some long exposure skys. When I left home weather was perfect; very windy with fast moving clouds. However when I've reached my destination everything became still and cloudless.



Place where the bigest xenocide in human history had happened... I visit it last time I went to Poland. I left me feel uneasy.

Forgotten Station

New lightroom 6 just came out with very useful feature HDR what stand for high dynamic range. Basically you take few photos with different exposures and program combines them for you into one. I want to do some real word testing so I went on my little cycle trip to abandoned train station located nearby. It was quite creepy been there alone, taking photos but nothing happened and I got to live another day :)

There are many places like that around Manchester as it was industrial center back in a day. Now many old factories, quarries or tunnels are forgotten.  I will try to explore more of them in near future but I may need someone with me next time... In case of drunken hobo or whatever evil may be out there.