Portrait session

Despite been dedicated landscape/cityscape photographer I lately notice I enjoy doing portrait sessions more and more. This time was for beautiful model from Poland, Izabela.

Portrait love

Today I will share few pictures of my girlfriend I've taken during our most recent sunday walkabout. Currently I'm looking to expand my portrait portfolio so if anyone would be interested doing photoshoot with me please drop me a line in my contact page.

Speedlight madness

Idea for this shoot was to use speedlights with colour gels in order to add mood to the image. I haven’t got too much experience in using flashes so I had good time trying it.

Home town trip

Rzeszow, fairly large city in south east Poland where my story began 32 years ago when I opened my eyes to see beauty of this world for first time. It is a place where I met best friends, place that I explored thoroughly, place where I found my love... It is also place I left behind to seek better days...

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Summer portraits

What can be better to do in warm, sunny summer afternoon than taking short trip to the county side with love of your life? Probably nothing else. As always I had camera with me with my 24-105 zoom so here I share some images from that day.

Colour or no colour?

As much as I like black and white portraits photos sometimes it feels like taking one dimension away from photography world. Adding colours gels to my flash lights on the other hand gives me a lot of flexibility. Usually I use them to change background or to add accent to my scene and this is exactly what I've done in this shot. So colour or black and white?