Photography sort of fell in my lap. When looking back at how I became a photographer it is almost like it rained on me. I didn’t have a great interest in pictures. Or art. And a relative didn’t give me a camera when I was 12. It was small random sources hitting me different places and when faced with the crossroad and question of; “What do I do now?” I was soaked up in the idea of becoming a photographer. Since then small encounters have led me halfway across the world and then around it a few extra times. I grew up in Rzeszow, Poland. A big city by Polish standards but barely a blip on the map with its population of 37,115,000 people. I remember vividly the day I moved to the UK to learn English language, to discover new possibility’s. I remember flying over Manchester, the lights went on forever. I was 22 and felt really small, intimidated by the number of lights and what they illuminated. Photography found me few years later and now has become my true passion of my life. The idea of becoming a photographer is now my reality and I’m truly grateful.
I got my first DSLR in 2012 and quickly realized how much I love making pictures. Yes, I use to take pictures now I can say that I make them because it’s not only random snapshot, it’s whole process that begins from idea to accusal shot into post production.